Success Stories

SONG & LEE Silicon Valley Law Firm

Corporate Law, Investment Law, and Commercial Law: Some sample representations include the following:

• Completed the merger process of a start-up company with an existing listed company


• Formed and structured more than $ 60 million worth of foreign investment funds


• Advised on real estate investment and transactions valued over $25 million


• Registered franchises


• Currently representing a number of Korean start-up companies concerning stock options, licensing agreements, and sales contracts and other related needs


• Drafted employment contracts and handbooks with consideration to each business type and protection purpose

Litigation : Some samples of our experiences include the following:

• In representing a plaintiff in a business contract case where the trial lasted 15 days, prevailed over a defendant and thus recovered the attorney fees and court costs in addition to monetary damages.


• In a lawsuit against a development company with a big brand in the U.S., successfully settled for losses caused by the unfair and deceitful contract.


• Succeeded in recovering the principal and interest plus lawyer fees for a victim of a fraud.


• Defended a high-tech company against its former employee who breached confidential information and filed a wage lawsuit.


• Led to satisfactory negotiation for a real estate buyer not to incur losses by the mistake of a broker.


• Negotiated for advantageous settlement for an employee unfairly discharged from a company in the U.S.


• Recovered damages for Korean companies for judgments entered in Korean court against defendants in the United States.

Immigration : We successfully prosecuted hundreds of immigration cases.We also provide consultations to companies with immigrant employees concerning their status in prospective commercial transactions.

Family-Based Immigration: Helped with an application for a Fiancé(e) Visa or a Green Card based on family relation or marriage. Assisted undocumented persons or those on the edge of being deported in resolving the problem.


• Employment-Based Immigration: Successfully represented applicants from various fields or backgrounds such as an employee of a high-tech company, a university professor, and a multi-national executives. We have successfully represented clients in expeditiously receiving their Green Card even when the sponsor company went through either bankruptcy or organizational changes. We have also dealt with a variety of employment- based immigration​ cases such as EB-1, EB-2, EB-3, and EB-4 as well as the NIW processes.


Investment Immigration: Handled a wide range of investment immigration (EB-5) processes to receive Green Cards for all of family members and take dividends or profits from investment.


Succeeded in obtaining approvals of various employment related visa applications such as E-1, E-2, H-1B, L-1A, L-1B, O, F-1, J-1, and TN visas